How Should We Eat According to Blood Types?

blood type nutrition

When many publications on blood group diet are examined, the starting point is based on very logical medical grounds. However, we can say that it is insufficient in detail at many points. So, how should we eat according to blood types?

Although the relationship of blood type diet with diseases and nutrition has been investigated recently, time is needed to obtain concrete findings. Search for information on the subject is the Group 0 is the oldest one. It has a history of B.C. 100,000-300,000 years. 

Then the flesh-hungry person goes to agriculture. When he started to deal with agriculture in hot regions for a long time, especially in Mesopotamia, this blood type is mutated and group A blood type emerges. The existence of group A goes down to B.C. 25,000-15,000 years.

Group B was formed in people who travelled north from East Africa in the B.C. 15,000-10,000s and lived in the cold and continued to eat meat. It was first seen in the Himalayas and later brought to the Caucasus probably by the Mongols.

blood type diet

With the fusion of A and B blood groups, AB blood group emerges, which starts from 900 AD. Only five percent of the world’s people are included in the group AB, the newest blood type. Therefore, these are blood groups that have emerged as a result of mutations. It has its own identity. ” It is stated that Dr. James D’adamo made the first studies about which food is beneficial or harmful to which blood group in the modern sense of today, in America in the 1950s.

“D’adamo, in his studies on certain patients, sees that some of the patients who gave the same medication and the same diet recover very quickly and some of them deteriorated. He observes that these do not react to the drugs. Or the same food is served, but some patients react differently to that meal. Then he starts to examine the dishes and the foods they eat. It turns out that there are foods that cause waxing in blood groups when eaten. There is a type of fat in these foods called lectin, which is found in proteins, and this type of fat affects our health positively or negatively according to our blood type. “

Keeping in mind that for a healthy diet, first of all it is necessary to be conscious, the individual should consume the foods that are beneficial to them.Each of the blood groups has a special structure. Lectins suitable for this special structure increase the fluidity of the blood, while unsuitable lectins slow the fluidity of the blood. Harmful lectins are transported through the blood and damage veins and other organs, which invites diseases.


type 0 nutrition

It is called hunter blood group. The reason is that their digestive systems work according to the oldest people. For this reason, the success of this group depends on consuming lean, chemical-free meat and poultry and fish. Dairy products and cereals are not recommended for this group. While foods such as wheat gluten, corn, beans, lentils are foods that help to gain weight, seaweed, seafood and iodized salt (usually because they suffer from thyroid hormone disorders), liver helps to lose weight.

Apart from bacon / ham, they can consume all kinds of meat without fat. Seafood are ideal foods. Sutures are among the foods that should be avoided for this blood group. Consumption in very small amounts should be essential. Bagels and all kinds of bread are foods that should be avoided. Small amounts of olive oil and flaxseed oil are ideal. Mushrooms, potatoes, corn, cauliflower, black olives are foods that should be avoided. Pears, oranges, tangerines, kiwi, blackberries and melons with high acidity are among the fruits that should not be eaten. Banana, mango, cherry, plum and fig fall into the useful fruits group. All kinds of sauces should be avoided. Mineral water and green teas are the most suitable beverages. In this blood group, attention should be paid to the intake of B-K vitamins, calcium, iodine and manganese. Their lack leads to significant discomfort. Considering the personal characteristics of people with this blood group, it shows characteristics such as strength, resistance, self-confidence, courage, intuition, and innate optimism. Leadership qualities are at the forefront.


type a nutrition

They are called farmer blood types. They have a sensitive digestive system. Therefore, a vegetarian diet is beneficial. Since they have a very sensitive body, they should try to consume completely pure and natural foods. Vegetables will help with weight loss while meat and dairy products are gaining weight rapidly. They should completely remove meat from their menu. Very small amounts of seafood can be consumed. Again, since dairy products are of animal origin, they should be consumed in very small amounts as fermented. In this group with low mucus production, consumption of wheat foods should be very low. 

Protein intake should be increased with this group of
pasta and grains , whose consumption of meat products is reduced to a very low level . Vegetables are very important for the consumption of group A. All kinds of vegetables and mushrooms such as cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant can be consumed. Fruits other than bananas, tangerines and melons should be consumed. Coffee and green tea are ideal drinks. Particular attention should be paid to the intake of BCE vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium. The disorders seen in their deficiency are more pronounced. Judging by their personal characteristics, they are honest, legitimate, law-abiding and controlled people. They have the ability to shine immediately while concealing their worries most of the time. It is known that Hitler belongs to this blood group.


type b nutrition

It is called the nomadic blood group. Their immune and digestive systems are very strong and  they have a flexible diet. It is the group with the most heart diseases and cancer. However, it is the blood group that can survive the effects of many diseases and has the highest average life span among blood groups. While corn, lentil, wheat directly affect weight gain, green vegetables, meat, liver, dairy products help them to lose weight despite blood groups. Red meat consumption is very beneficial, but they should avoid consuming white meat. It is the only group that can enjoy dairy products. 

The reason is that the sugar of this group is similar to the sugar of dairy products. The consumption of rice, oats and whole wheat products is ideal. Consumption of breads other than wheat, corn and rye bread is recommended. Vegetables other than artichokes, tomatoes and corn should be consumed. Fruits other than avocado, dates, pomegranate and melon should be consumed. Green tea is the ideal beverage for this group. These deficiencies should be considered, since they are the most common ones. Judging by their personal characteristics, they are flexible, creative, resistant to disease, adaptable and hardworking. Another name is called balance blood group.


type ab nutrition

It is called the mysterious blood group. As a matter of fact, it has many features as it emerges as a combination of other blood groups, it has no clear classification. It is the least common blood group in the world without the addition of RH factor. While red meat, kidney beans and corn cause weight gain; seafood, dairy products, green vegetables are foods that help with weight loss. Meat consumption other than turkey meat is not desired. They can consume a wide variety of seafood. It should stay away from fish such as sea bass, haddock and trout also similar characteristics with group B in consumption of dairy products. Ideally, to consume oats, rye, brown rice bread; Corn flour, corn flakes, buckwheat products are included in the grains and bread group that are not suitable for consumption. 

The consumption of vegetables other than peppers, corn, pickles and artichokes is ideal. Fruits other than banana, avocado, mango, quince and pomegranate are ideal. Green tea is the most suitable beverage in this group. Vitamin C, zinc, selenium deficiency diseases are at the forefront. Therefore, attention should be paid to the intake of these vitamin and minerals. Considering their personal characteristics, it has been reported that they are spiritual, not holding grudges, adaptable to all situations, meticulous, harmonious people.

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