Would You Prefer to be Happy? 8 Foods that Make You Happy

8 Foods that Make You Happy

The intensity of city life can often be a very important factor for unhappiness. Among the things to be done to avoid this situation, the foods you will consume have a strong place. Some foods can open the doors of happiness thanks to substances such as serotonin they contain. Foods that give happiness reduce stress, but it is necessary to pay attention to the amounts consumed in order not to gain weight. So let’s find out 8 foods that make you happy.

The Right Amount

Most people tend to overeat when they are unhappy or stressed. Especially when under stress, the chewing reflex begins, so hard foods are preferred or more sweets are consumed in order to relieve stress more quickly. In addition to these, fast food type foods and fatty foods can also provide a temporary happiness to people as they provide satiety in an easy way. Foods containing serotonin are energy sources and foods that provide happiness, but they are also high in calories. For example; Nuts bring happiness as they give energy, but excessive consumption can cause weight gain as well as energy and happiness. It is important to remember that these foods make you happy temporarily. It is very important to consume these foods in a limited way so that temporary happiness does not turn into permanent unhappiness with increasing weight, never forget that!

Don’t Skip Meals

dont skip meals

A decrease in correct foods bring unhappiness with it. People who skip meals during intense work may be more unhappy because their sugar levels drop. People who do not eat for a long time and whose sugar drops turn to packaged foods in order to increase sugar rapidly. For this reason, it is of great importance for the person to realize when he or she turns to high-calorie snacks. In such cases, it is of great importance to choose healthy foods that will make one feel better if consumed in the right amount.

Foods That Make You Happy

1. Dark Chocolate


It cuts sweet cravings faster than other sweets and chocolates. It’s okay to have a small square or two of dark chocolate with your coffee! It is one of the most satisfying foods. Dark chocolate contains three times more antioxidants than other milk chocolates. Especially consuming a daily amount of chocolate provides great protection against aging and reduces the risk of cancer.

2. Banana


Banana, which is a fruit with high serotonin content, can also be consumed once a day as a snack. Banana, which has important benefits for the body, also gives energy and happiness thanks to the enzymes it secretes.

It contains plenty of potassium, protein, manganese and various vitamins. Consuming bananas is perfect to strengthen your immune system. Consuming bananas during seasonal changes will be very beneficial for your health.

3. Walnut


Although nuts such as hazelnuts, raw almonds, peanuts are also rich in serotonin, walnuts are well ahead of other nuts in this regard. Consuming 2-3 walnuts a day reduces your stress and makes you feel happy. Omega 3 fatty acids are seen as benefits to improve heart health. Thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids found in walnuts, it helps to protect heart health. Omega 3 fatty acids, together with selenium and iodine, contribute to the optimal functioning of the brain.

4. Sunflower Seed

sunflower seed

In addition to activating the chewing reflex, it also reduces stress with its high serotonin ratio. Of course, we do not recommend that you eat a whole roomful! Thanks to serotonin, the body feels happy. The magnesium in sunflower also has an added benefit, providing a healthy mood. More than a century ago, patients with depression were given magnesium sulfate. The success and safety of magnesium has made it a valuable option. Today, magnesium plays an important role in homeopathic therapies for mental health.

5. Dried Figs

dried figs

It is one of the dried fruits that contain serotonin. Dried figs, which are preferred as a snack, regulate blood sugar and reduce your anxiety level.Dried figs are the main enemy of age-related cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to the potassium it contains, high blood pressure is balanced. And it prevents heart ailments that will arise as a result.

6. Peas


It is an important source for raising serotonin levels. Eating peas in one of the main meals will make you feel better. It is important for health to use peas in meals. Today, peas grown in many countries are known as tiny green energy grains in salads and meals. Peas, which are recommended to be consumed in every period of life, have strong effects that protect the immune system.

7. Cheese


Cheese, which is a must for breakfast, allows you to start the day with a meal containing serotonin and makes you more energetic and happy all day long. Cheese is a food with high energy value and rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B2. For example, 100 grams of Gruyere cheese contains protein equivalent to 250 grams of meat. The fat content of cheese, which is easier to digest than milk, varies according to its type. It is a good preservative for teeth as it can control the pH level. This is why dentists say it’s helpful to eat a small piece of cheese after meals.

8. Cereal Salads

cereal salad

Consuming salads containing grains such as chickpeas, wheat, beans and quinoa helps you cope with stress. These foods, which have important health benefits, also increase the level of happiness. Cereals and cereal products contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Since the protein it contains is of low quality, the protein quality of cereals increases when consumed with high-quality proteins. The vitamins contained in cereals are rich in vitamin E and are a very important source of vitamin B1.

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