All About iPhone XI and 2019 New iPhone Models with Release Date

the new iPhone XI

Following the releasing of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in September last year, all eyes have turned to the 2019 iPhones. According to today’s development, a number of important details of interest were shared with the 2019 iPhone models. So finally, here are All About iPhone XI and 2019 New iPhone Models with release date.

The new iPhone XI is here again and Release Date

iphone 11

Recently, the 2019 iPhone models, which have come up frequently with an interesting concept design, have been made more detailed within the reports.

The release date of the Apple iPhone 11 was announced as September 2019. iPhone’s new and latest model flagship will be on the shelves in September 2019. It is expected to be available in many countries around the world like September-October.

As before, Apple’s new flagships, which will be introduced in September, will be named iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2019.

iPhone 11 Technical Specifications

Apple iPhone will offer to users the most innovation in the camera. The camera of the iPhone 11 will feature a very, very interesting camera. This will automatically detect when you’ll take a photo on the phone. Proximity and gyroscope sensors will perform this function on the iPhone 11s.

According to recent reports by the Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone XI will be built on a 5.8-inch OLED display.

The iPhone 11 will feature a 4000 mAH battery, 15-volt wireless charging and a 120 Heartz OLED display. As with every iPhone model, Face ID security protection and biometric verification steps will take place on the iPhone 11.

In addition, unlike the 2018 XR, the XR 2019 will be installed on a 6.1-inch OLED display. Furthermore, the XR 2019 is expected to host a dual rear camera installation, which will differ from the previous generation XR.

Leaving all these details aside and coming to the iPhone XI Max which will be introduced in September, we carry the same 6.5-inch OLED screen. However, the biggest difference that separates the XI Max and XI from the previous generation XS and XS Max is the installation of a Mate 20-like triple camera.

In this part, the dual camera installation behind the trend of recent times to keep up with the Apple, with the new generation of iPhone’s aims to make a difference.

How will the 2019 iPhone models be designed?

iPhone XI design

Let’s leave all this behind and come to design. As known, the iPhone XI design has been unveiled in line with the information provided by solid sources such as Ice Universe.

In line with the information obtained from sources close to Apple, this design is greeted by the installation of a triangular camera, which we are familiar with Mate 20 models. Although, the design is likely to change, the new iPhone comes with three rear cameras.

The iPhone 7 family uses the Jet Black colour, which features asymmetrically positioned lenses and an LED flash in the upper left corner.

New Information for Processors and Features of New iPhones

iphone XI camera

Technology giant Apple’s iPhone XI, XI Max and iPhone XR 2019 smartphone models to use the processor and other features were given new information. The 2019 iPhone family consists of the iPhone XI, XI Max and iPhone XR 2019, as we said above. The heart of these models will be the A13 Bionic processor. Instead of the A12 Bionic from the 7 nm production process, the 7 nm + process will be released by TSMC. At the end of this month, the new generation of processor will be introduced into the mass production, 2019 iPhones in terms of performance Snapdragon 855’li models will take seriously. Moreover, The A13 Bionic, which is said to develop on the side of artificial intelligence as well as processing power and graphics performance, is said to use the unit area up to 7 nm to the end.

Next year, the iPhone models will be used with 5 nm processors. This process, which is already underway, looks really exciting. You may be interested in ”Shark fin” new model; Here are the first details of the OPPO K3 iPhone XI, XI Max and iPhone XR 2019 will not be revolutionary models The biggest innovation of the camera side of the camera is the biggest innovation. Behind the XI and XI Max models are no more than two triple cameras. In the meantime, the company brings the long-awaited ultra-wide-angle camera into the lives of iPhone users. The XR 2019 is being upgraded to a dual camera system. AirPods with wireless charging support, which can charge the reverse wireless charging support models, the zoom will offer a higher than before.

In addition, the same design (half a millimeter thicker) phones, the Xs family, even on the iPhone X “revolutionary features” does not bring. Therefore, The major innovations are known to come in 2020. As you know, the firm plans to innovate on the design side as well as the hardware. With iOS 13, iPhone and iPads offer more features.

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