Priceless 8 Tips to Keep Your Man’s Eyes on You

priceless tips to keep your man's eyes on you

Girls, let’s never fool ourselves. Men are greedy. Women know it very well. If you say “I don’t want my partner, my lover or my husband’s eyes out.” you should not compromise these golden rules. In the end, let’s check out these priceless tips to keep your man’s eyes on you.

8. Who Invented the Mobile Phone?

couples on smartphone

Do not overwhelm him with the unnecessary messages required during the day or call him constantly; like ”Did you miss me? Do you love me? What are you doing? Send me a picture now? Do not say these. With such messages, you cannot make him love you more or miss you. Clench your teeth for a week, do not send messages during the day, do not call, believe it, he will start to call you.

7. Definitely Smile When You Open the Door

Never make a cold welcome. Make a smoothie. When you open the door while you smile, he looks at your face like wood, do not disturb your morale. Already during the day at work enough to disturb your partner has experienced negativity. Nevertheless, the reason for the face like stone is not you, but the ones experienced during the day. Girls, I seem to hear you say I work too. Now that you have read this news, you are already ready to make these sacrifices for your partner.

Also be groomed enough to decorate your girlfriend you invited to the house to gossip. Remember, your partner is not your friend in the network. Moreover, something to catch your attention and excite him. If you do not have the talent in this matter, then leave as few clothes as possible on you 😉

6. Make Up For Your Partner Do Not For Other Girls

Even when you go to the market, do the makeup just before your partner comes home. Let him know that you’re preparing for him, that you’re working hard. In the meantime, you realize you’re especially dressed for him. When you leave the house together: ” Hurry quickly, get out early at this house! ” He calls out, or … Actually make up for himself, but not for others to make you feel this delay will never turn into problems.

5. Get Your Bedroom Free Zone

sexy woman in bedroom waiting her boyfriend
Sexy woman in lingerie standing in the bedroom

Never fight in your bedroom. Please note that the bedrooms are not just a place to sleep. Let that private room of yours be your free zone. Don’t say I don’t do it; I can’t do it. Similarly, Leave yourself to him and sometimes ask him to leave himself to you.

4. Be a Hot Girl Because Your Opponents Are On Fire

We always say, “Be hot, excite him.” Never skip this rule. Remember that according to him streets and avenues are on fire. But do not forget that when you say you’ll be hot in yourself. If you want your partner to make you happy, you should make him happy in bed. On the other hand, leave such attachments and interrogations. Is that how you question him? Do not hang on small details, even blind to small details, be deaf.

3. Have Fun with Little Games

You can ginger up your sex life with small games. This will keep your relationship alive. Ordinary and common sex life will cause unhappiness in the relationship. Then don’t say why my lover or my husband cheated on me. Remember that men are hungry, if you do not feed, the eye will be outside, but do not overdo this game.

2. Small Touches save Relationships

Show him your interest by touching him, kissing him, caressing him. Yeah, stroking, you didn’t read it wrong. Remember, men like caressing because as they said like that bears are actually like cats.

1. Pay Attention to What He Likes

pay attention to what he likes

One important thing to remember is your kissing style. Some men like tough kisses, others like emotional kisses. The adjustment is entirely in your hands. Pay attention to what they do not like in sexuality and do not apply them. As conclusion, girls remember that golden rules will save your relationship.

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