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What you don’t know about Diletta Leotta From scandals to love for …

Here is everything you need to know about Diletta Leotta from the scandals she was involved in, to the hacker attack she suffered.

Diltta was born on August 16, 1991 under the sign of Leo, Diletta Leotta is originally from Catania and is one of the most appreciated sports drivers of the small screen. Her talent, which we admired first on Sky and then on Dazn, is unstoppable and also binds to a really deadly beauty and sensuality! Don’t call her, though, journalist! In May 2019, the National Council of the Order was forced to clarify Diletta Leotta’s position after the reports on the conductor’s sponsorships (sponsorships that a journalist could not have made and in best TV shows) on TV. So let’s find out all there is to know about the young presenter, starting from the scandals of which she has become the protagonist (in spite of herself) up to some curiosities about her private life!

Who is Diletta Leotta?


Her real name is Giulia Diletta Leotta, but she has decided to keep only her middle name to make herself known on TV. He has a half-brother, Mirko Manola, who is a cosmetic surgeon: he is the son of Diletta’s mother, Ofelia Castorina, but does not have the same father as the presenter. Diletta is, in fact, the only daughter of Ophelia and Rori Leotta but with her brothers and sisters she has a splendid relationship.

Her parents have been able to create a large extended and happy family. The young woman from Catania began her career in the television world thanks to Sky Sport (in the best TV shows), but later moved on to Dazn. DAZN is not only sport channel for Diletta Leotta as host. Diletta Leotta is a 360-degree presenter and in July 2019 we saw her alongside Daniele Battaglia at the conduction of La Playa, the summer program on Italia Uno. Also in the summer of 2019, the entry of Diletta Leotta into the cast of the film Seven hours to make you fall in love with Giampaolo Morelli was announced.

Then, in 2020 we see her at the Sanremo Festival, co – host alongside Amadeus on TV.

 Is Diletta Leotta Remade?

 Many did not believe that her explosive beauty was all due to mother nature, but she has always denied having used cosmetic surgery and host for her guests.  She said “Up to 10 years I was chubby, I always liked to eat. Then at 11 I started doing a thousand sports and I got an athletic physique. I wouldn’t change anything about my body. ” Many, however, when they started circulating photos of Diletta Leotta before becoming famous on the best TV shows they started to doubt them. Diletta always keep herself shape and never miss her workout.


Also due to the “ritocchini” issue, in February 2019, It all started with some statements by Paola Ferrari who had commented on some of her colleague’s forms, suggesting that Diletta had undergone multiple surgeries. You can also find this in california news too.

Diletta Leotta, The Hacked Photos and 4 Other Curiosities

• She was the victim of a hacker, who made public some of her private photos and videos (very very private!) And her telephone number on the web: “I was at home, alone. From what did I understand that the situation was serious? From my mobile. The ringing did not stop: calls, messages, WhatsApp, video calls, “he told Il Giornale. Diletta also said that after the scandal she had to work a lot on herself, and that if she came back. She would do those photos anyway! Of course, maybe with a little more attention on best TV shows. Some shows ad by the brands of watches for men.

• She has a poodle called Brando.

• In Sanremo 2017 he made a scandal by wearing a provocative dress by Alberta Ferretti. The suit, together with the fact that Leotta gave a speech on cyberbullying, attracted criticism from Caterina Balivo who wrote on Twitter: “You can’t talk about the violation of privacy with that dress and with the hand that tries to widen the split of the skirt “. The presenter was then picked up for these words by both Maria De Filippi and many followers, and gave her apologies to her colleague on the best TV deals


• He confessed on Instagram that when he was twelve he dreamed of becoming like Federica Pellegrini, loving swimming very much. Also likes AC Milan.

• One of her idols is Sarah Jessica Parker, who was lucky enough to meet at an intimissimi event as host. This brand, intimissimi, is one of her favourite ones.

 Diletta Leotta and Matteo Mammi: the Love Story (concluded)

The beautiful presenter has been romantically linked to the entrepreneur and manager Sky Matteo Mammi for 3 years. “I have been in love for two years. And very happy, “he told Corriere dello sport in 2018. The couple had been pinched several times by the paparazzi, but Diletta Leotta had made the relationship public only in 2018, posting the first photo together with her boyfriend on her Instagram profile. Since they both worked in Sky at the time, she was accused of being recommended by him.

Accusations that she sent back to the sender: “I entered Sky Sport as a host that I didn’t know him yet and I left when I was already engaged. Sky Sport is a company known for its seriousness and for the quality of its programs. I don’t think certain dynamics would ever be possible, “she told Nuovo TV on best TV deals However, the relationship that had fascinated fans so much came to an end in 2019: “The most desired football player in Italy has dropped her partner Matteo Mammì to her fate. And she bought a nice house in Milan to start having fun again and like AC Milan, “said Dagospia on TV.

Is Diletta Leotta Engaged?

In June 2019 the beautiful showgirl was attributed a relationship with Francesco Monte, promptly denied. Just a month later, there was rumors of a liaison with Daniele Scardina, a boxer (who Chi paparazzato with her in intimate attitudes). “Diletta came to present my meeting and I met her through friends. Yes, she is a special friend, (AC Milan also special) “he revealed to Gazzetta and California news.


However, a few days later here are other shots, this time with a musician, Matteo Lotti. In short, we continue to talk about Diletta’s private life (and in October 2019 the name of Alessandro Borghi was also mentioned … see some best TV deals, but she never confirmed any of the liaisons. The most accepted hypothesis is that Diletta Leotta’s boyfriend is Scardina but neither of them has ever confirmed.

 Who is Daniele Scardina?

Daniele Scardina is a boxer: for work he travels between Milan and Miami and convict for him and Diletta may have been a meeting on the occasion of work. We do not know very much about his private life but in his curriculum we find numerous victories (he is IBF world champion of super middleweight). In his world on TV, that of boxing, he is known by the nickname Toretto.

Where Does Diletta Leotta Live?

Diletta Leotta lives in Milan in a wonderful house where light colors and modern furnishings predominate. The house, divided over two floors, is connected by a glass staircase and perfectly matched to the rest of the furnishings: cream-colored sofa, white furniture and few – but refined – items around the house with watchin AC Milan game. Some called suburban.

The kitchen is also total white and despite the minimal style, nothing seems to be missing: coffee machine, stump with knives and kitchen tools also the envy of professionals! And always workout. Inevitable, then, a large terrace overlooking the Lombard capital complete with plants and sun loungers. Her wonderful home was completely renovated by the architect Alberto Vanin (some of the presented on the watches for men)

How Much Does Diletta Leotta Earn?

The earnings of the sports journalist are not known, but we can imagine that this is a decidedly high figure. We are talking, in fact, of a TV presenter who has numerous collaborations behind her, the most important with Sky Sport and Dazn. (some points of California news) Her number of followers on Instagram and Facebook should also be taken into consideration! For her participation in Sanremo 2020, then, Dagospia spoke of a cachet of 25 thousand euros per evening.

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