The New Apple iPhone XI – iPhone XI Release Date, Price and All Features

the new apple iphone 11

IPhone XI, the new member of the iPhone series, which Apple has become one of the strongest brands, will soon be on the shelves. Based on the information we’ve gained so far, we’ve put together everything about the iPhone XI. We’re taking a closer look at the new apple iPhone xi – iPhone xi release date, price and all features.

In the twelfth year of the iPhone series, Apple’s position was very different from expectations. The company now does functional work that emphasizes functional and emotional design rather than innovation. Since there is no hardware manufacturer, the point at which the iPhone series evolves has become quite open to criticism. As a result of these criticisms, the company’s chief designer, Jony Ive, who also designed the first iPhone, announced his resignation.

the new apple iphone xi

Apple, one of the world’s most valuable companies and one of the largest economies, somehow continues its mainstream series uninterruptedly. Launched in 2017, the iPhone X was replaced by the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR in 2018. With these models in the last two years, Apple has set some standards in terms of design, and will continue its path in the same line. To understand everything about the iPhone XI, it’s worth looking a little bit before.

Problems Before iPhone XI

Apple, along with the iPhone X flagship price barrage has moved to $ 1000. This change garnered a lot of reaction in the first place, but people still did not stop buying the product. Indeed, global economic imbalances around, even people in the United States was not an obstacle to phone 1000 dollars. Sales exploded at certain times of the year was insufficient for Apple. After a while, the company lagged behind Huawei, which increased its sales by 50%.

Meanwhile, the iPhone XS family and the iPhone XR appeared on the shelves. Apple did not recover its sales during 2019. High prices, radically unchanging design and changing consumer perception seemed to have hit Apple. In this tension environment, even the chief designer of the company has come to the stage of resignation while iPhone XI plans have been made. The company does not want to disrupt its reputation, despite all the negative factors. At this point, the consumer needs to know that reputation is formed in the mind. Let’s see how much iPhone XI will benefit the company’s perception level competition.

How Will iPhone XI Look Like? Here Is The Design Of The New iPhone XI

iphone 11 design

Based on the technical drawings seized by the press, the designs show that the iPhone XI will have a rear camera with 3 sensors. As usual, the sensors will be located in the upper left corner, again in a protruding compartment. One of these sensors will have a resolution of 12 MP and will be more difficult to detect. The same will be on the front camera of the device. Thus, with the iPhone XI, the front camera resolution will be increased from 7 MP to 12 MP. Other details about the camera will be discussed under the following headings.

The iPhone XI will actually come out as a family and will have 3 different models. As in the previous iPhone XS family, one of these models will be a large-screen version with superior features, one will be the median and the main version, and the other will be a more affordable and less equipped version than its brothers. The low-priced and well-equipped iPhone XR will become a series by this year and we’ll see the iPhone XIR.

The iPhone XI family will be indistinguishable from the iPhone XS family when viewed from the front with the screen off. In terms of dimensions, the entire family will be the same as the members of the iPhone XS family. The iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI will be available in grey, gold, and silver and blue. The iPhone XIR will be available in black, white, and yellow and red.

iPhone XI Screen and Notch Of course

The family’s main and median iPhone XI will have a 5.8-inch display. In other words, Apple will not change the screen size after iPhone XS. Only the iPhone XI frames are expected to be the same size and thinner on all sides of the device.

According to some sources, all three new devices will have slightly larger screens than the models in 2018. The iPhone XS’s 6.5-inch display can increase to 6.7 inches on the iPhone XI Max, according to these sources. With the small change in frames, the body sizes may remain the same, and the screen of new iPhones may be slightly larger than the 2018 models.

IPhone XI and iPhone XI Max will have an OLED display panel, while iPhone XIR will have an LCD display. The significant cost difference between the LCD and OLED, which is reflected in production, will be the most important detail that makes the iPhone XIR cheaper. As before, the difference in display will be directly reflected in the prices.

Apple has long been known to test touch screens that can work in the rain and underwater. Again, a weak possibility, but this screen may appear in the iPhone XI. It is also said that the fingerprint reader technology will come back with the iPhone XI embedded in the screen, but it has not yet been finalized.

iPhone XI Front and Rear Camera

iphone 11 camera

We have already said that the XI Max, the highest model in the iPhone XI family, will have three rear camera sensors. The iPhone XI and XIR will come with two rear camera sensors, according to our information. There is a small possibility that the triple rear camera hardware can be seen on the iPhone XI with lower resolution or lenses for different purposes. In addition, the iPhone XI R is not expected to come with a single, dual rear camera.

The iPhone XS family had a 12 MP main sensor and a 12 MP telephoto lens. The new lens for the iPhone XI Max will probably be a 12 MP wide-angle lens. After Huawei’s 5-year advance in the camera industry, it is quite natural for Apple to take such an approach.

According to the information we have, the two other sensors will have an optical image stabilizer. The flash light could shine brighter. In addition, the camera will be shorter than the previous models. The 12 MP x 3 rear camera combo of the iPhone XI will be accompanied by a 12 MP front camera.

The front camera of the iPhone XI is said to be 10 MP. Although it is vague, there is a main camera with a resolution of 14 MP and a 10 MP telephoto lens. In addition to these two sensors, as we said before, a third friend may be added, which is not yet fully clear. Apple is said to have developed some camera software to improve underwater photography.

iPhone XI Delayed Laser-Powered 3D Camera Technology

Augmented reality does not interest most people for the time being, because we cannot have an efficient AR experience with the common technologies we carry in our pockets. Apple’s plans for AR are also becoming increasingly detailed. Apple said that Microsoft designed a more suitable glasses for the end user against HoloLens, and has not yet made the expected attack on wearable technology.

The main factor that prepares this attack of Apple iPhone devices we expect to see for a long time will be the 3D camera technology. The company postponed its target, which was previously shown as 2019, to 2020 to keep the expectations in vain. So 3D cameras will not be available on the iPhone XI. Nevertheless, the iPhone XI family will further clarify Apple’s investment in AR technologies.

TrueDepth technology in the notch on the iPhone X’s screen has introduced end-user AR applications such as detailed face recognition like Animoji and FaceID. The iPhone XI will also be equipped with TrueDepth, but this time the sensors will be placed in a smaller space.

It is a very weak possibility, but some TrueDepth sensors are said to be buried under the screen. This may be a step in the coming years, representing the transition to cameras embedded in the screen, but it is not known whether Apple takes this step. With the sensors produced by Sony, the equipment around the front camera is expected to strengthen. This means faster unlocking of the face. In addition, better quality portrait photos will be possible with sensors on the rear cameras.

iPhone XI Battery and Energy Consumption

Apple’s USB-C will take a step on the iOS 13, some software innovations are encountered. Switching to USB-C means faster charging and some new functions. This change and the Lightning connection have long been expected to be history. The USB-C has become a serious standard now, and Apple already uses it in its new MacBooks.

New for Apple, but the first year in the industry to fill the charge-sharing feature first came into our lives with the Huawei Mate 20, Samsung Galaxy S10 family had become widespread. Finally, Apple will bring the charge-sharing feature to the iPhone series

While speaking of charge sharing, it is need to be mentioned about the battery. The iPhone XI will have 20% to 25% higher energy capacity than the previous model. We expect the 2,600 mAh battery on the iPhone XS to approach around 3,000 mAh this time. The iPhone XI Max will be added by an additional 10% to 15% on the iPhone XS Max’s 3.174 mAh battery. The least battery development will be the iPhone XI R with a 5% increase. It is hard to say anything in advance, how much these increases meet the requirements of the charge sharing feature.

iPhone XI Processor Chip

TSMC is Apple’s production partner for the processor chip. Located in Taiwan, this company is one of the most important chip manufacturers in the smartphone industry. It is said that they have started to produce the A13 chip designed by Apple for a while. So the iPhone XI family will be powered by the A13 chip.

In order to cope with a new generation of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and camera capabilities, a significant improvement is expected in the A13’s neural network chips. There are also innovations in wireless connectivity, such as the Wi-Fi 6 standard. The saddest detail is that 5G technology will be postponed to the iPhones to be released in 2020. Apple here again “first spread, then we use” seems to implement the strategy. Already 5G, like other previous generations, represents the years 2020-2030. Therefore, even if Apple postpones the competition will not be a loss of side.

It is said that the Apple A13 chip will bring many innovations to the camera, sharpen zoomed photos with artificial intelligence, and bring Siri one step closer to Google Now.

The Features That Excites User But Not Clear To Come With iPhone XI

apple iphone 11

Apple is said to make a very serious breakthrough in the front camera sensors this time. It is even said that the infrared sensors made by Sony will scan up to the red blood vessels on the face, thus making FaceID safer. Of course, software that can detect up to the veins on the faces can also provide important opportunities for augmented reality. Extremely realistic applications such as FaceApp can deliver unbelievable results on devices like the iPhone XI.

The embedded fingerprint sensors have not yet met the expectations. At least it doesn’t seem to be a technology Apple wants to spread it.

It was discussed that a patent for the Apple Watch, which was taken years ago, will be used on this year’s iPhone XI. With the sensors that can smell your environment or your body, you will get important information about your environment and your body. Such a revolutionary technology sounds utopian for now. But Apple has been talking about the smell sensors for a long time.

The Apple Pen, which is compatible with iPads, is also expected to be used on the iPhone XI. Since smartphone screens are now serious, the iPhone XI is also functional, but not as much as the iPad. At least for the phablet class, the iPhone XI is also included.

iPhone XI Price

iphone release date

Apple’s price standards will continue to see again. iPhone XI Max, $ 1,149; iPhone XI, $ 999; The iPhone XIR will have a starting price of $ 749.

When Will iPhone XI Be Released? iPhone XI Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 5 has become a tradition since September, iPhone XI will also apply this month. The company, which has insisted on September 12 in recent years, may make a minor change in its history due to the dates of the IFA 2019 in Berlin this year (September 6-XI). Nevertheless, mark the dates 10 or 12 on the calendars.

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