15 Foods That Can Cause Cancer Due to Their Ingredients

cancer causing foods

Cancer, one of the most dangerous diseases of our day, continues to change our lives with both the difficult treatment process and the pain it inflicts. Many things are written and drawn about this disease, which neither the cause nor the treatment can be determined exactly. In addition to the news we read every day with headlines such as cancer treatment and cancer-good foods, there are also foods that cause cancer. We have compiled 15 foods that can cause cancer due to their ingredients.

1)Canned Tomatoes


We know that tomatoes increase infection resistance and therefore fight cancer. Nevertheless, the Bisphenol A (BPA) substance in canned food, which serves to preserve food for a long time, can cause cancer. Canadian Cancer Society’s research added canned tomatoes to the list of foods that can cause cancer.

2) Acid Drinks

acid drinks

These drinks, which are not nutritious and contain large amounts of phosphate, sugar and chemicals, may be one of the causes of cancer. It is useful to stay away from these drinks, which use artificial sweeteners and colorants, as much as possible.

3) Farming Fish

farming fish

Fish, which we think are healthy due to the oils such as omega-3, may actually harm our health if it is form a farm. Especially farmed fish may not be rich in omega since they do not have a natural diet. Considering that the pesticides used contain harmful chemicals such as PCBs and canthaxanthans, we can say that natural fish can be healthier.

4) Processed Meats

processes meats

Heat-treated meat products such as salami, sausage and ham can also be a cause of cancer. Many preservatives can be added to these foods to change their taste and appearance. According to the research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 800 people, consuming 50 grams of processed meat per day can increase the risk of colon cancer by 18%.

5) Microwave Popcorn

microwave popcorn

In addition to being delicious, popcorn is among the foods that can cause cancer. According to research , the material used in the packaging of instant popcorn can damage the liver and immune system with its PFOA content. Normally a useful food, corn can invite diseases such as cancer when popped in a microwave oven.  

6) Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated Oils

The method generally used in vegetable oils and margarines helps to convert unsaturated fat into saturated fat by absorbing more hydrogen. These oils, which trigger cholesterol and vascular occlusion, can cause diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

7) Potato Chips

potato chips

 Potato chips, which are generally used with flavoring and coloring, are among the foods that cause cancer. These foods, which are too salty and contain high levels of sodium, can cause excessive weight gain and cause cancer. Choosing fruits as a snack can be beneficial for preventing diseases such as cancer.

8) Alcoholic Beverages

alcoholic beverages

 Alcohol use can also cause many types of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and liver cancer. This risk increases with smoking. Alcohol, which affects our eating habits badly, also introduces the harmful chemical called acetaldehyde into our body due to the ethanol content. According to studies , reducing our alcohol consumption means reducing the risk of cancer.  

9) Artificial Sweeteners

artifical sweeteners

According to studies , sweeteners used in the treatment of diseases such as obesity and diabetes do not provide benefits in balancing weight in many patients and can also cause cancer. Aspartame (NutraSweet), which is often used in sweeteners, can cause diseases such as migraine and brain tumors. Using natural sweeteners such as honey can be beneficial to prevent cancer and similar diseases. 

10) Refined White Flour

refined white flour

Everyone has heard that flour, one of the three whites, is not useful. Flour, which is the cause of diseases such as obesity, is also among the foods that cause cancer. These foods, which have a high glycemic index due to the alloxane substances used in production, can also trigger cancer cells through the sugar in the blood. Choosing whole grain breads is a healthy alternative to cancer prevention.

11) Refined White Sugar

refined white sugar

White sugar, which disrupts the balance of the immune system and causes problems such as anxiety, hyperactivity, overweight and depression, is also among the causes of cancer. According to researches , it is beneficial to use natural foods such as honey and milk to prevent cancer.  

12) Highly Salty Foods Such As Pickles

Highly Salty Foods Such As Pickles

Highly salty foods that affect the stomach and intestines have high levels of nitrate. These foods, which turn into nitrosamines that cause cancer in the body, can damage your DNA. According to research, people who have a lot of such foods in their traditional cuisine are at risk of stomach cancer. Making these foods at home by controlling the salt content can be a healthy alternative to cancer prevention.

13) Gmo Foods

GMO foods

Interventions in DNA to alter the shelf life, flavor or content of foods also pose a threat to our health. According to research , GMO foods can cause many problems such as cancer, liver and kidney diseases. It is essential to choose organic foods as much as possible to prevent diseases such as cancer.  

14) Dirty Vegetables And Fruits

Dirty Vegetables And Fruits

According to the research of the Canadian Cancer Society , pesticides used in vegetables and fruits invite many types of cancer such as lymphoma, skin cancer and lung cancer.  

It is also of great importance to consume only organic foods of some foods to prevent cancer.

15) Hormone And Antibiotic Supplemented Meats

Hormone And Antibiotic Supplemented Meats

Hormones used to increase the weight of animals or to protect them from disease are also among the causes of cancer. Research suggests that consuming meats using such medicines would be harmful. It is of great importance to consume healthy and natural foods and to avoid smoking and alcohol in order to be protected from diseases such as cancer that threaten the lives of us and our loved ones. 

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