10 Great Ways to Forget Someone You Love

10 Great Ways to Forget Someone You Love

Falling in love suddenly happens, but it takes a long time to forget. Your relationship is over, but your love for it hurts you. So if you still love, if you apply the tips we will give you will be able to forget it in a short time. People fall in love all of a sudden but they can’t just forget. Here are we just gather together 10 great ways to forget someone you love.

 However, if you don’t look at how you break up, it is often difficult to forget the separated couples and go to the phone constantly. Yeah! Maybe you can forget a person, but you can never forget what you’re going through and what you feel. Of course, this is true for true love. It’s not for a two-day love.

Here’s what you need to do when you think about forgetting a person;

1. Don’t Talk About

There’s no point in cheating. In the end, If it’s over, it’s over. Talking about him will keep him in mind. There is no point in defrauding it and bringing it to him. Nevertheless, tell them you don’t want to talk about it when your friends raise a topic about it. Remember, you don’t kill things when you talk, you keep them alive.

do not talk about him after breaking up

As much as we tell our mind to forget something, everything will remind us of that thing itself. Because inevitably our focus will be that thought itself. In fact, the methods we use to defeat a little obsessions are similar to those used to forget the ex. Discourses such as I have to forget, I don’t need to keep him in my mind are necessity sentences. This way of thinking makes you forget. First, it is better to start by changing this way of thinking. Then,

It will be more functional and appropriate to change your mind and release it and not suppress it as “it will be better if I forget”. People often feel anxious when they build the necessary sentences.

2. Do not call

Don’t fall into dilemmas like whether I call or not. If you have already separated, your search, hearing it will take you back to where you started. Don’t call if you don’t want to endure your pain. Even leave your phone with you. Stay busy with other activities.

do not try to call your ex boyfriend after breaking up

You can try to be friends after your relationship is over, but the idea of ​​being as a friend will keep you from forgetting. For this reason, it is necessary to say goodbye to this relationship, to eliminate photos, belongings, and to follow up on social media accounts. Meanwhile, keeping track of what you’re doing secretly after you’re out of follow-up on social media accounts makes you fool yourself. Controlling it means nothing but hurting yourself. Going to the places he goes to create the same of pain as he may encounter. It will be appropriate not to check the social media after the separation, to delete messages and photos. At the time of separation, people become more sensitive and emotional. This sensuality is an obstacle to seeing the truth. Such reminders are painful.

3. Don’t Answer

Once in a while, you can relax your conscience and do not respond to messages or calls. These calls will not to return, but to relieve itself. Even so, don’t answer for that, you will be upset again. Ignore.

4. Don’t Go

after your ended relationship, do not go to the places you have been and had nice time

Don’t go to places where you have a nice time with him. When you go, you will remember the good times you spent with him and you will be sorry. Don’t do this to yourself. Discover new places to forget him.

5. Ignore

When you meet him by chance, ignore him, but if you don’t have the chance, don’t pay attention to him, treat him comfortably and give him a long talk.

If you go into this loop, you will see, find and shoot things that will remind you, especially with perception selectivity. For instance, love songs, your lover’s behaviour, perfume, maybe even your mobile phone itself can remind you. You need to be vigilant about what reminds you of him. Especially the things you perceive with your sense organs, the smell, the image or the auditory things will create more intense emotions. For example, if it is conditioned by a smell, it is possible to remember all your memories in your mind, when you hear that smell, or when you go to a café, place you always go to.

6. Don’t Ask Common Friends

Don’t ask your common friends you’ve made with him and stop worrying about what he’s doing. It won’t be good for you to find out. Already friends will give you misleading answers. They don’t say ’day by day’. Forget it.

7. Do not expect

Don’t wait for him to come back and don’t drag yourself into empty hopes. He’s gone, he’s not coming back. Don’t expect him to come back, you’re the loser. Look back, not in front of you to forget.

do not expect anything after your relationship ended

Usually after breaking up, friends make sentences like “He will come back to you, you will see, he will regret”. Such sentences are useless to hope. Moreover, it will prevent you from forgetting to wait every day that you will return again after you finish. For this reason, you must be determined about the finishes. To be decisive, you must realistically consider your reasons for not being together.

8. Don’t check out

Don’t check his gifts out and go back in time. You will be sorry. To do this, you must either throw away the items for him or put them out of reach. Having it in mind will force you to forget.

9. Don’t Lock yourself in the House

Don’t lock yourself up and poison yourself with your life. Do not fall into bed and cry. Go out and have fun with your friends. You will see it so you can forget it even easier.

10. Starting a New Relationship

Don’t rush for a new relationship, it won’t go beyond the Band-Aid you put on the wound. Nevertheless, avoid meeting new people without scarring because you can’t think correctly and your thoughts about the past will come to life. Who knows when the prince of your life comes across, you can’t even see him.

It is not a good idea to start a new relationship immediately to forget it after an ending relationship. Although you’re given friendly advice to look around for someone else, it’s best to spend some time alone to understand your feelings and finish the relationship in your mind. Starting another relationship immediately after an ending relationship causes you to compare your old relationship with your new relationship and contacts, reminding your ex-lover more where you forget.

And when your new relationship is over, you’ll have to mourn both at once, and that’s really more painful for you. You also need time to make sure your relationship isn’t over. Although, sometimes there are periods of reconciliation after such short breaks in relationships, and when you take someone into your life, you cut yourself off and create obstacles to your relationship. For this reason, you must give yourself time until you accept that it is completely over.

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