The Best 10 NBA Players in Modern Time

The Best 10 NBA Players in Modern Time

Most probably, after football basketball is one of the most popular sports branch in the world. At the beginning of basketball, elements such as speeding up the game every day and increasing the pleasure of driving are decisive factors. NBA, which is considered as the summit of basketball, has the most talented players in the world for many years. Today, if the list of the best 10 NBA players in modern time is made, the names of those who play in this league are leading.

10-Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Chris Paul, who is the only player in the list to be the only point-of-game player in the list, stands out with his field vision and defence skills. Moreover, playing on 3 different teams throughout his career, the star basketball player adds value to his teammates with his ability to play and to pass. In addition, the star basketball player, who is now living in the last days of his career, unfortunately does not have an NBA championship in his career.

9-Jimmy Butler

jimmy butler

Jimmy Butler, who can be said to have had the most modest career among the players in this list, still has a high score for his team as a high scorer and short striker with a 22.2 point average of last season. However, in terms of career averages, it does not have statistical figures. The career average, calculated as 16.4 points and 3.4 assists, remains at a moderate level. Nevertheless, Jimmy Butler has the distinction of being one of the valuable pieces that can be teamed up with both his talents and his character in the field.

8- Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the only European in the list of the top 10 basketball players of the world, finds its place in this list with its superior physical characteristics, athleticism and explosives. Nevertheless, considering the development process in which the Greek basketball player, who had just arrived in a star-rung in his career, lived in the league for four seasons, it is very likely that he will have his championships stamped for the next 10 years.

7- Russell Westbrook

russell westbrook

Russell Westbrook, one of the first three names to come to mind when it comes to the point guard on the world, becomes a statistic-monster by making the show all alone on the field. Meanwhile, during his career, this star basketball player plays in only Oklahoma City Thunder and he is perfect to do everything on the parquet. Russell Westbrook, who managed to complete the 82-game NBA season with double-digit statistics in three categories, is the first to achieve this in modern times.

6- Kyrie Irwing

kyrie irwing

Kyrie Irwing who has made a name for himself with his scorer identity despite his play as a point guard is sixth in the list of the top 10 basketball players in the world. An NBA champion, the star basketball player has managed to make it into the shadow of one of the best players ever, such as LeBron James, but today he is leading the Boston Celtics team by opening a new page.

5- James Harden

james harden

Just like Russell Westbrook, James Harden is another statistics monster who is entering the list in fifth place. James Harden, the most valuable player of the league in the 2017-2018 season, among the players in the league is among the highest attacking athletes. The two numbers, which are a complete number machine, are also struggling with the best statistics in terms of assists and rebounds over the NBA.

4-Stephen Curry

stephen curry

Reaching the championship in the last two seasons; Stephen Curry, who has entered the world’s top 10 basketball player lists in number 4, is redefining the rules of the game with his superior shooting ability as apoint guard. In addition, the star, who produces a score without knowing distance, assumes the leading position of Golden State Warriors with its superior dribbling skills and field vision.

3-Kawhi Leonard

kawhi leonard

Kawhi Leonard is one of the top three in the list, as it is the combining piece that contributes to the team at any time, although it may miss the last NBA season due to a sensational injury. Moreover, he is known as an NBA championship star who can stop the league’s most difficult player the LeBron James as an antidote.

2-Kevin Durant

kevin durant

Imagine a score machine that can carry the ball with its supreme pitching ability from its own pot to the opponent’s pitch with a height of more than 2.10 cm. Kevin Durant comes out with the most valuable player tittle  of the last 2 season finals. Although the Golden State Warriors as one of the league’s most powerful team affect the top of the league balances; Kevin Durant is the number two in this list with both on-site character and positive personality features.

1-LeBron James

lebron james

Finally, LeBron James, now 35 years old, is considered to be the best basketball player in the world. To confirm this thesis, it is enough to say that the teams played by LeBron James in the last 8 seasons in the NBA organization played the final. Considering the achievements in the league, the fact that the only player he can compare to is Michael Jordan.

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