The Best 10 TV Series of All Time

All around the world tv series are getting more popular then ever. So here the best 10 tv series of all time.

Some of the best TV series in the order of IMDB, while others are listed in the world in the period they are published. This list varies from person to person or from pleasure to taste. After all, you can find here the best 10 TV series of all time. As known, it is always wondered.

Firstly, we recommend that you start without losing any time in the best list of TV series. Here are the best ones ever, the sequences that must be watched and the IMDB scores.

10. Dexter (2006 – 2013) IMDB Score: 8,7

A serial killer at night … Dexter! You’re going to really like him.

It turned out that Dexter was one of the members of our house. Actually, he’s a coroner. He serves as a forensic officer in the police department. But the task is very important. He’s a blood expert. So Dexter goes to the scene of the crime, examines the body and the blood that’s bouncing around. Sometimes he looks at the condition of things and interprets murder. But he doesn’t do that. You should not think of it immediately, Therefore, quality comes out of the series. At the same time this Dexter is a serial killer. Criminals who are involved in crime and who succeed in tearing the law. Now you didn’t tell me about the show. I’ve never told you anything. When you first start the sequence, don’t leave 2-3 sections if you get bored. Keep going, you’ll be tied up. Why don’t I have such abilities, why can’t I have such a relative?

Genre: Action, Drama, Crime

9. Vikings (2013 ->) IMDB rating: 8.6

History is one of the most watched TV series of the last years, making it a drama … Vikings


Ragnar is the man. The historical events in the series are legendary. The main character … Ragnar … The Man is handsome, crazy, mentally ill and much more. The show has everything. For instance, sex, drugs, power, power, women, blood, etc.  Ragnar has an ex-wife. She’s a woman who’s a warrior and a sexy woman. Didn’t Ragnar leave that woman and marry an unidentified woman? And the kids did it. But I think the only reason she’s involved is a crippled kid. In the new seasons, everyone will talk to him. Because he’s not one of Ragnar’s children.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

8. Shameless (2011 ->) IMDB Score: 8,7

It’s a great production that reveals people’s repressed emotions and always finds a place on our series of recommendations.

Your suppressed feelings will be revealed. I bet. Sex, drugs, entertainment, violence, street culture is everything. There is a Fiona, the eldest daughter of the house. However, the most innocent character in the series is Fiona. He’s the most innocent, but he’s got everything. Think of the sequence’s innocence. There’s a father. He’s a drunk. There’s every way. Think he’s fucking with his stepdaughter. Don’t say, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let this work… Finally scenario! What is the scenario? It’s what I have in real life. There is a perversion, lust, and crime in everyone. But it is important to suppress. Therefore, if you have feelings that you can’t suppress, I recommend that you do not monitor for the health of you and those around you.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

7. Narcos (2015-2018) IMDB Score: 8,9

A wonderful series about the life of Pablo Escobar, the world’s most culprit criminal … Narcos!


The men have made such a series that … The world’s biggest and most suspicious drug-trafficker, Pablo Escobar, tells the life of the bloodsucker. But the player who portrays Escobar, they have chosen the person. He gives the man the right. You’re connected to Escobar, and you can feel sorry for it.Still, you are praying for the success of one of the world’s most notorious law enforcement fugitives. In short, quality flows from the array, flowing …

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama

6. Prison Break (2005 – 2017) IMDB Score: 8.4

Are there sequences that you want to end the season in a sitting? Prison Break, which is on the list of the best series ever, is exactly what you are looking for …

prison break

Many people in a sitting on the comments from the audience finished the season 1 and 2, even though the final cannot get up from the beginning of the people, such as the Breaking Bad again in the coming years, the rumour going through the ear is an unforgettable wonderful series.

Moreover, the series, which started with two brothers and two brothers going to prison, tells about the struggle, fight and war that the other brother gave to save him.

Genre: Crime, Action, Drama

5. Lost (2004 – 2010) IMDB Score: 8.4

Have you still not seen Lost, the most memorable series in television history?


Lost will never be forgotten, one of the legendary series engraved in the memory of everyone who watched Lost. In addition, the story begins with the fall of a passenger plane, and continues on an island full of secrets. In each episode, a series of audiences waiting for another mystery reached a large audience. Although he couldn’t meet the exact expectations of his final, he managed to stay in a corner of everyone’s mind.

Genre: Drama, Mystery

4. La Casa De Papel – Money Heist (2017 ->) IMDB Score: 8,7

Is a perfect robbery possible? La Casa De Papel, the best series of recent years, is one of the best series to tell you how to make a robbery…

La Casa de Papel is one of the most beautiful series of Spanish people. After the series for the Spanish channel Antena3, it was bought by Netflix and is now shown with 2 seasons. To briefly summarize the story of the series; For example, the Professor nicknamed him for this robbery that he had designed for years. The team is trained by the professor in a home away from home for five months to rob the Spanish Royal Mint. Everyone’s names are made up of cities. The protagonists of the story are Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Oslo, Helsinki and Nairobi.

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

3. The Walking Dead (2010 ->) IMDB Score: 8.4

The Walking Dead is one of the most watched series in the world, full of thrills, action and suspense.

Rick Grimes, a police officer at the entrance of the series, opens his eyes in a hospital room and realizes that the world is no longer the same. There is a zombie outbreak in the world. At the same time his family is outside and wants to save his family as soon as possible to act. Above all, the Walking Dead, which is one of the best TV series in 2010 with a huge fan base, is at the top of the series that must be watched.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction

2. Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013) IMDb: 9.5

It is a wonderful production of the character Walter White in which everyone is admired. Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad

A man in love with his job, his wife, his children, who is sick and have only 2 years to live.

Breaking Bad, the work of Vince Gillian, the producer of The X-Files, tells the story of a man who spends the life of a mundane man who has a very mundane life. Walter White, a chemistry teacher who learns that there is a cancer living happily with his family, changes the chemistry of his life in an instant.

After that, his only purpose is to leave a much burdened legacy to his beloved family after he dies. However, he tries to solve it in a way that never overlaps with it. He uses her success on equations of success to produce drugs that she likes so much. And from that moment on, he becomes a completely different man.

Breaking Bad has done the final, the recent days to return to the rumour that the rumours and the audience still talking about “what a great series “about this magnificent work

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

1. Game of Thrones (2011 – 2019) IMDB Score: 9.5

Game of Thrones, the most watched, most admired and season-wide production of the last years

GOT - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones for betrayal, lust, foot games and supernatural powers, throne games. Game Of Thrones, one of the most popular series of recent days, breaks the record. Finally, in the series Kings and Queens, Knights and exiles, rogues and nobles ignite a bloody struggle for the ‘Iron Throne’.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

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