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Conference Call is the shortest presentation and sharing of audio, video and computer presentations between the branches and regions of the institutions. Especially, conference call services commonly used in market leaders and small to medium-sized companies, offer audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conference features. Undoubtedly, it offers engaging, productive and cost-effective conference solutions with cost-effective conference experiences. Also, with video conferencing systems, you will be able to make your meetings, meetings without leaving your office. Therefore, you will save both money and time.

Importantly, conference Call allows you to have real-time meetings, training, and conferences with people from different offices in your office, instead of enduring the traffic and many other problems of people of different grades coming together for a face-to-face conversation.

Clearly, it is able to discuss and collaborate with other office and branch employees and to share data (presentation, technical drawings, budget files, etc.). Especially, They can even use common drawing or application mutually. When the participants express themselves to people at other points through the microphone and camera, the television or computer is used to receive oncoming images and sound. Best Video Conferencing is a form of trying to perform face-to-face comfort with various devices.

Attractive Sides of Conference Call

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  • It ends the waste of time when managers from different branches come to the center for meetings.
  • Reinforces teamwork.
  • Video conferencing enables instant meetings.
  • Thanks to the possibility of immediate communication with executives, productivity will be increased and the productivity of people at the key point will be increased.
  • The moral collapse of the managers who have survived many difficulties in order to hold meetings will be less with phone conference call services
  • Easy to use, fast and fun
  • Meet with your team 24/7 in the meeting room you set up with a call service
  • Interactive classes with your students in virtual classroom rooms
  • Communicate with clear picture and sound without bandwidth problems with teleconference services
  • Sharing and presenting desired files (Microsoft Office, video and multimedia files, etc.) in the meeting room includes web conference
  • Dynamic and easy to learn, no training required
  • Easy to use with the user-friendly interface

Featured Benefits of Conference Call Services

It provides the opportunity to meet with customers, business partners and colleagues at any time and in any place by using any platform including mobile devices. Especially, Provides a High-Level Meeting Experience with the ability to enhance communication using integrated video features with these best video conferencing services.

With the ability to move out of the existing business environment, it is possible to host all meetings in the cloud for high-security collaboration without infrastructure maintenance and deployment facilities.

Importantly, Reduces inefficient best conference call services with on-site and hybrid deployments, enabling internal audio and video investment.

Collaborate Safely With Conference Call Service

On the other hand, Conference Call can help you overcome today’s business challenges and gain a competitive advantage.

• Transform your business’s forms of communication through real-time audio and video communications

• Quickly build dynamic teams to make better and faster decisions wherever you are with teleconference services.

• Reduce customer response times by providing immediate access to company experts

• Securely link, communicate and collaborate within traditional company boundaries includes phone conference call services with audio conferencing.

Places Where Conference Call Services are Primarily Used

  • Distance education studies.
  • Meetings with people in remote locations
  • Use in Health and Medicine
  • Surveillance areas
  • Banking
  • Insurance

Resisting Challenges in Today’s Business World


The structure of the business world is changing rapidly. Moreover, Many trends change the way people interact and do business, including:

  • More mobile and distributed workforces for the best video conferencing
  • An explosion in content and devices
  • More inter-organizational team and process
  • Expansion of video conferencin
  • Using social software at work

In addition, Get ready for the latest generation of innovation and efficiency. It’s time to embrace these new trends by actively bringing together employees, business partners, and customers to work closer and closer together, more naturally and integrated with the web conference.

What Are The Best Conference Call Services? Top 10 Conference Call Services Providers

You can find the top best conference call services Providers ranking list below. Finally, these are the most rated and used services.

What Is Conference Calling On Phones (Phone Conference Call Services)?


At the same time, your smartphones, computers, tablets, and many applications that serve in this context through more than one person to make calls is called conference calls. In addition, Thanks to today’s technology, we come across such conveniences and think that it is a very important advantage and benefit especially for business people includes audio conferencing. We can see that all devices that host the Android and ios operating systems serve in this regard.

Particularly, with this privilege you can find and share your meetings digitally with call services. During the interview, an advantage such as file sharing comes up and it is important to note that it is an important detail not only for the business world but also for the education world.

Obviously, depending on your operator, sometimes there may be restrictions on the number of people attending the best conference call services. Some of these limits may be under the control of the initiators. Moreover, if you want to have a more crowded conversation, you can ask for help from the people you invite. These people can invite 5 or 6 people and you can easily reach any number by teleconference services. Additionally, let’s try to find answers to questions such as how to start and make conference calls.

How To Make The Best Conference Call On a Smartphone?

You can start the process by calling the person you want to talk to. In addition, once the other party has switched on, log in to the call screen and click on the Add Contact-Call ’button. You can find the person you want to add by searching in seconds and after you find the relevant name, you have to confirm and press the search button. Especially, after you pick up the other party, you can use the add conference button to complete your invitation.

If you want to add more people, just follow the steps above and confirm. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, people in the conversation can invite new people and follow the same process.

The above-mentioned options for conference calls on the phone may not be included in your smartphone, because on some models this process works differently. Just follow the steps above for other people you want to add to the conference.

A Nice Alternative To Phone Conference Calling: Whatsapp

You can also make a conference call using the Whatsapp application. Obviously, The steps you need to follow are quite simple. You can take the first step by starting a video conversation with the person you are talking to via Whatsapp screen. When you click on the add Contact ’button at the top right, you can add another person to the conversation. Particularly, Whatsapp has become much more useful and special with this advantage for audio conferencing and video conferencing.

Finally, If you do not want to have problems with audio and video quality, your internet connection needs to be strong and unfortunately, the quality decreases as the number of people increases. Along with, improvements and updates on WhatsApp conference calls are already underway and we expect this action to become flawless in the near future.

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