10 Best Ways for Anger Management

10 Best Ways for Anger Management

There are ways to deal with anger. For this, you must first notice what makes you angry. Once you are aware of the aggravating situation, you can control your anger with simple steps. You can follow these steps and 10 best ways for anger management for your whole life.

According to some scientists, it is determined that anger and unconventional rage cause various diseases. For İnstance, these diseases are as follows; Heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, mental disorders, depression, and headache. In this context, we will present you with various ways to control your anger. Here are ways to control anger;

Does your blood splatter to your brain when your children don’t listen? Are you easily irritated in traffic and have anger outburst? Moreover, anger is quite natural and healthy mood, but cannot be controlled can be destructive. When anger outbursts become chronic, it negatively affects our body, psychology and loved ones. But don’t be hopeless! Providing control of anger is quite easy with the right methods.

In the end, let’s take a look at the 10 techniques you can now use when you think you can’t control your anger:

1. Give yourself time to breathe when you feel angry

Give yourself time to breathe when you feel angry

If you are experiencing a sudden rage and the blood splattered to your brain, take a moment for yourself and take a deep breath from your diaphragm. For example, give yourself some comforting suggestions such as on your own “relax”,” don’t get angry so quickly”, “calm down”. Keep breathing and self-indulgence until you feel that your anger has subsided.

2. Express your anger correctly

Although expressing anger is healthier than throwing in, it is important to do it correctly. After the first effects of your anger burst have passed and you are calm, try to express yourself as calmly and as clearly as possible. Nevertheless, take care to express your concerns and needs in a cold-blooded way without hurting the person in front of you.

3. Express your anger by doing sports!

Express your anger by doing sports!

Physical activities such as sports and walking help increase the serotonin hormone secretion, which makes us feel happier and more comfortable. It also helps to reduce stress and tension that causes our anger. When you feel that your anger begins to rise, it will take a short walk in the open air, or take care of your favourite physical activity.

4. Give short breaks when you feel your stress level is rising

Give yourself a short break during such days if there are certain events that cause your stress level to rise and anger. A few minutes of silence helps you better understand your own thoughts and help you get through the events that cause you to get angry. On the other hand, for different techniques that you can use in such moments, you can also review our 6 scientific suggestions.

5. Focus on solutions, not the reasons that lead to anger!

Focus on solutions, not the reasons that lead to anger!

Instead of focusing on things that break your nerves, try to focus on how to deal with this situation. Do you think your kids’ rooms are constantly scattered? Close the doors of the rooms. Is your partner always late for dinner and annoying your nerves? For instance, take your meal back a little further, or talk to your spouse and say that you can eat separately on certain evenings. Learning to look at your feelings from a different angle makes it easier to cope with situations that aren’t in your control.

6. Use” I instead of you “in situations that cause anger

Criticizing and blaming the person in front of you when you increase your neural coefficient causes only a further increase in tension. In such cases, try to form sentences start with “you” language that will enable you to express your feelings instead of the sentences that start with the accusatory instead of “I”. For example, instead of saying that “you don’t help me with dishes, you can express your feelings as “I’m really upset if you don’t offer to help me.

7. Don’t let anger turn you into a spiteful one!

Learning to forgive is one of the most powerful virtues we can have. If you let anger manage you, you may find yourself a prisoner of negative emotions in your prison after a while. Meanwhile, anger in your moments in the moments of forgiveness in both your current situation can be evaluated in cold-blood relationships and strengthen your relationship.

8. Take advantage of the power of humour in your nervous moments!

When you feel angry, a little laugh will take all your tension. Try to see the funny aspects of the events that cause you to get angry. Moreover, learning to laugh at yourself reduces the impact of events that cause you to get angry at first, making it easier for you to realize your non-existent expectations.

9. Don’t hesitate to get professional support if you can’t deal with your anger!

Don't hesitate to get professional support if you can't deal with your anger!

Learning anger control is a challenge for all those who have problems. If, despite your efforts, your anger will cause you to regret later, or if it causes behaviour that leads to the breakdown of people around you, it is time to talk to a specialist psychologist.

10. Try to improve your communication skills instead of anger!

When we communicate correctly with the people we face, we both decrease our chances of anger and increase our chances of building trust based relationships. In addition, this sense of trust allows us to make a positive start for our subsequent communications. One of the best communication exercises that can be used in mutual conversations is to repeat your words with your own sentences, as you understand them, by saying “I want to make sure that I understand you correctly”. Finally, you can terminate the possible disputes before you start and take away the unnecessary tantrums.

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